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- People that are referred to as "white trash" has poor economical status and low educational level(wikipedia).

In the music-industry, some of the largest musical acts in the world has adapted the "trash" term for their content, marketing and sales. The trashconcept is mainly represented in rock and roll music, hip-hop but has also some influental artists in pop.  What the "trash" genre do is to adress a large majority, consumers, of ordinary people. "Trashmodels" is now a workforum for models that are sporty and curvy. In order to join the group of models, you start by reading the page "Join Trashmodels" and also the FAQ in this homepage. If you are a media producer, a photographer or has a product that you would like to promote in one of the models own channels, you can make a preorder on this site, see the webformula "Work reservation" for that. The models are their own employers and responsible for their own bookings.   

This is our trashmodel and worker of the week: Björn Johansson. He comes from Sweden, he recently had a photoreservation with this site, where he booked himself. It was photowork on his new instagram account tiara.studio6

 Biography: Björn is a rookie model and he likes wavesurfing, internet, writing text and webdesign. When he was a kid he had the tag "the trash crew". It wasn't a real crew, it was three young middleclass teenagers:  One kid from a family of police officers, one kid from a family working in media and me a kid from a family of diploma-civil-engineers. After a short dance for two years in Stockholm's undervegetation, the crew dissolved. Mainly because of adult and parental guidance.  The tag has since then a life of its own, it still remains in media.

In recent time, in his adult life Björn has done filmparts as qualified actor. And musicvideos both infront of and behind the camera. He did work behind camera as co-producer for example in the music video to EMI music artist, Kalle Kath. 


Björn Johansson, wearing his Adidas tracksuit And jeans from SABURO Denim

Photo: Björn Johansson